Conde Nast Traveler Redesign

- From Travel to Lifestyles

  • Webby Awards 2015 Best Websites Travel Nominee

Condé Nast Traveler, which principle is "Truth in Travel," is one of the most influential travel magazines all around the world. reaches 2.6 million audiences, and it provides them rich, unique and truthful travel inspirations.

Inspired by Condé Nast Traveler magazine redesign, the new is more than just re-skinning based on the magazine visual style guides. It tries to bring the key concept of the new Condé Nast Traveler brand, which is moving beyond travel to lifestyles in a high-end, sophisticated and also truthful way.


Art Director: Aaron Braun
UX+Visual Designer: Yanwen Hu
Homepage Designer: Ho-mui, Wong




Bringing context to the content

Travel is also about lifestyle. When reading an article or searching for a destination, users are expecting more than what they need.

  • Content Recirculation Strategy: instead of showing 'the most popular' module across the whole site, the new strategy is to serve the customized related content based on what users are reading

  • Search Experience: when users are searching on the site, the results will be filtered under different categories: articles, hotels, restaurants, activities and shopping


Embracing photography

Conde Nast Traveler's photography differentiate the brand from others. The redesigned site also features those beautiful images. 

  • Provide big visual placements for the featured stories on homepage and index pages

  • Create the special visual storytelling templates, the long-form article and the featured slideshow



Project Team: Art Director + 2 Designers

My Role: As a designer in a small team, participated in the whole process of redesign.
UX: created wireframes for search, archive and other pages
UI: worked on visual design for multiple templates with Art Director
Dev: closely collaborated with the dev team for visual Q&A

User Scenarios


  • Analyzed CN Traveler user needs on search scenario, and summarized them into four different use cases
  • Created user flows and wireframes for the search experience

Visual Design


  • Closely working with Art Director, created responsive design for multiple the templates (24 columns grid)
  • Mocked up prototypes for reviews and internal testings

Design Specs

Visual Q&A

  • Delivered spec sheets of templates to the development team
  • Worked closely with the developers on visual Q&A process

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