- Article, Blog, Listicle, Long-form Templates UX

  • Webby Awards 2016 Best Websites Sports Honoree

Golf Digest is #1 most widely-read golf sport publication in the world. Its official website,, has over 1 million digital audiences. 

Golf Digest is the authority on how to play, what to play and where to play. The website redesign represents the brand's voice and transforms it into a more digestible digital reading experience with a rebranding visual look. The new website is responsive and supports all devices from desktop, tablet to mobile.


Visual Design: Aaron Braun
UX Design: Yanwen Hu

  • Information Architecture: Data Analysis, Content Mapping 
  • User Experience Design: User Flow, Wireframe


- UX Design -



Curated and Evergreen
Golf Digest's timeless content, golf equipment, instructions and courses


Fresh and Light
Daily blogs focusing on the golf news, health, styles and celebrities


Authentic and Special
Annual rankings of golf courses and destinations, like "The 100 Greatest" or "GD Editor's Choice"


The step-by-step golf playing how-to guides

- Responsive Mobile -

- Before and After -






Project Team: 1 Visual Designer and 2 UX Designers
As UX designer in Golf Digest redesign team, in charge of the UX process of content template redesign, including blogs, articles, long-forms and listicles.

Data Analysis

Collaborating with Analytics team, summarized and defined Golf Digest’s two user groups
Loyal users: 
  • Frequently visit Golf Digest's website
  • Are more interested in “The Loop” blogs and read more than one blog during visits
New users: 
  • Land on Golf Digest by searching golf related keywords on other search engines
  • More focus on evergreen content like golf equipments, instructions or courses

Content Analysis

Analyzed Golf Digest’s website based on its content types, layouts, update frequency and user groups
  • Before redesign: 6 templates
Standard article, Article with a list, Article mixed with sub channel, Standard article with how-to module, Blog template and Long form article
  • Redesign: 4 templates
Article (evergreen content), Blog (news), Long-form (special packages), Listicle (how-to tutorial)


  • Starting from paper sketch, narrowed down the concepts for the four content templates
  • Created low and medium fidelity responsive wireframes for desktop and mobile
  • Finalized UX concepts and delivered to visual design

Visual Design

  • Closely collaborated with visual designers to transform wireframes to visual design

Global Style Sheet

Systemized visual treatments into a global style sheet (with CSS code)
  • Style names
  • CSS styles (font, size, color, alignment, spacing, decoration)
  • Breakpoints
  • Visual screenshots

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