- Conde Nast First Digital Spin-off

  • New Site Winner, Min's Best of the Web & Digital Awards 2015

Lipstick, which was Beauty channel, has become an individual site focusing on beauty. "On a bad day, there is always lipstick." Not only creating an immersive beauty experience and the visual story of high-end content, Lipstick brings a different perspective of women's everyday life. Its goal is to deliver the content to users in an editorial and inspiring way, no matter they are reading on desktops at home or just browsing on their phones during lunch time. 





  • Differentiate the brand look and feel from Glamour

  • Emphasize the visual impact of graphic treatments

  • Produce a strongly visual driven mobile site


  • Incorporate Instagram module to drive live social stories

  • Strength the conversational relationship between editors and readers

  • Introduce the 'heart' feature to save the articles


  • Add 'Editor's Pick' product shopping module

  • Introduce 'Idea Drawer' on mobile, which covers the trended subjects, like 'Day and Night Makeup' and 'Spring Trends'



Project Team: Art Director (Yvonne Lao) + Designer (Yanwen Hu)

As a designer in a small team creating the whole website, involved in the entire process of site responsive design, from brand strategy, user experience, to visual design and production.

Brand Strategy: Mood Board

  • Participated the new brand look brainstorming and the mood board

Graphic Treatment

  • Designed different visual directions for Lipstick's new branding

User Research

    Developed content strategy for based on:
    • User data analysis of the previous Glamour Beauty channel
    • Brand directions from the editorial team and the stakeholders
    • Competitive analysis comparing other beauty and fashion websites

    User Flow

    • Analyzed different scenarios and sketched the user flows
    • Organized content based on the responsive grids for desktop and mobile


    Low-fidelity -> High-fidelity Wireframe -> Design
    • Created wireframes for different templates, individually designed Lipstick Slideshow template
    • Internally tested low and high fidelity wireframes
    • Summarized and applied the stakeholder's feedbacks to the design

    Visual Design

    • Closely working with Art Director, created the responsive site design as a team
    • Designed high-fidelity wireframes to communicate with stakeholders and other collaborating teams
    • Individually designed slideshow and newsletter templates
    • Mocked up prototypes for user testing

    Usability Test

    • Participated in Lipstick user testing and created the final testing prototype
    • Collaborated with user researchers to analyze feedbacks from two different user groups, Glamour Beauty loyal users, and first-time users
    User Testing Prototypes:

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