Glamour Special Hubpage

- Golden Globes, Oscars, Fashion Week

Glamour is one of the leading women's magazines around the world. As its website, also provides authentic content for 8.5 million users. Special events, such as the Golden Globes, the Oscars and Grammy, are always the top events Glamour features every year. This design sets up an index page for each special event to curate an editorial-driven content experience.


Art Director: Yvonne Lao
UX + Visual Designer: Yanwen Hu

My Role:
  • Competitive Analysis, Content Strategy
  • User Flow, Wireframe, Prototype
  • Visual Design
  • Visual Q&A



Active/Inactive Stage

There are two templates: 

  • Active (the special event is ongoing)
  • Inactive (it was over)


Best Dresses Voting Module

As one of the most popular content on, it was published as an article including a long name voting list. The redesign creates a voting module, which makes voting more intuitive and presents celebrities' red carpet pictures in a more impactful way.

Desktop/Tablet Voting Module:
Mobile Voting Module:


UX + Visual Designer: Yanwen Hu

Individually designed the templates from wireframes, visual design and dev visual Q&A

User Research:

Content Strategy

  • Defined the two stages of special events from users and editorial perspectives
  • Designed flexible layouts that integrate interactive modules, like Twitter live feed, videos, votings and slideshows

User Experience Design:

User Flow

  • Summarized the user flow map based on user findings and the brand's content strategy
  • Compared the new to the previous flow to show the improvements. For example, an social sharing increase after launching the special event pages


  • Sketched multiple layouts and interaction concepts
  • Analyzed the pros and cons of each concept


  • Mocked up wireframe layouts based on user scenarios
  • Designed and internally tested wireframe concepts

Visual Design:


  • Created responsive design for desktop, tablet and mobile breakpoints
  • Designed visual layouts based on Glamour brand identity

Visual Q&A

  • Delivered design spec sheets to the development team

  • Closely collaborated with the dev team on visual Q&A process


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