Lucky Slideshow

- Full Screen Slideshow Experience Redesign

Lucky Magazine is one of fashion magazines that focuses on shopping and styles. On, there are a big amount of slideshows featuring daily styles and product recommendations. The slideshow redesign is to create a full screen immersive experience for users to view and shop.

Design Director and one designer (Yanwen Hu)

My Role:
  • User Experience Design: Wireframe, Prototype
  • Visual Design


Immersive Full Screen Experience

  • Fixed size: the slideshow is the same size as users' browsers, which bring users the coincident experience regardless of their screen sizes

  • Image driven: the new design has a larger space for images, which better features the images and products


Fixed Screen Logics:

Engaging User Interaction

  • Social: the design highlights social shares by placing them closely with the caption

  • Shop Now: the visual differentiates product information with the editorial copy, and emphasizes "Shop Now" call-to-action


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