Lipstick Slideshow

- Responsive Design

As one of the highest traffic templates on the site, the slideshow is a key place that has a crucial need for a better user experience. Focusing on the visual-driven concept of Lipstick design, the slideshow template embraces large inspiring beauty images and chic graphical elements that coincidence with other pages on It also creates an opportunity to incorporate "Shop This Look," an editorial e-commerce module, into the content experience. When browsing the slideshows, users can find what products the models were using in the pictures, and directly purchase them on Glamour's online shop.


UX + Visual Designer: Yanwen Hu

My Role:
  • Competitive Analysis
  • User Experience Design:
User Flow, Wireframe, Prototype
  • Visual Design
  • User Testing




Design Concepts

Sticky to the next slideshow

  • decrease the bounce rate of slideshow templates

  • no ending slide at the last page of the slideshow: it will bring users to the next related slideshow directly

  • merge the ending slide with the intro slide: the goal is to keep users focusing on the new slideshow while still providing "the related slideshows" and "back to previous"  these options

Shop This Look

  • allow users to purchase what they have seen on the slides

  • explore another shopping use case which is different from "Editor's picks" module on index pages



UX + Visual Designer: Yanwen Hu

As a designer in Lipstick design team, individually designed slideshow template from beginning to the end.

Competitive Analysis

Analyzed slideshow templates of other competitive sites and combined them into three user flows:
  • directly get to a slideshow template
  • first reach an intro article of slideshow, and then get to the slideshow content by clicking the "view slideshow" button
  • get to the embedded slideshow on an article, and also allow users to have a full screen experience

Desktop Interaction

  • built and cleaned up the previous user flow of the slideshow template
  • created wireframes and tested the performances of different modules: intro cards, ending slides, social shares and the recirculation module
  • designed high-fidelity prototypes for design reviews

Mobile Interaction

Competitive Analysis

  • studied mobile slideshow interaction of multiple sites
  • analyzed different use cases, features and interactions

Mobile User Flow

Visual Design


  • designed desktop and mobile responsive slideshow templates
  • created an interactive prototype for pre-launch user testing

User Testing

tested interaction features on both desktop and mobile:
  • desktop: users prefer to have an intro screen and appreciate the interaction of stitching to the next slideshow
  • mobile: users like "shop this look" feature and having social buttons to be explored
  • new learning: users might click "x" to exit the slideshow by mistakes on the caption overlay, while their intentions are to close the caption
4 solutions of closing caption interaction:

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