Buddy APP

- Meet your Colleagues

Nowadays people have the will to expand their social circles, but the biggest challenge is how to find the right people without wasting the time on endless social feeds.

Buddy is an app that intends to solve this problem from the workplace. It allows users to meet their colleagues whom they have never met in their daily work. Compared to other community apps, Buddy finds people who share similar backgrounds and interests with users, then deepens their connections during their lunch or coffee time on weekdays.

UX/UI Designer: Yanwen Hu

User Research:
  • User Interviews, User Scenarios
Content Strategy:
  • Competitive Analysis, Feature Summary
User Experience/User Interface Design:
  • User Flow, Interaction Design
  • Low-fidelity Wireframe, High-fidelity Wireframe
  • User Testing



Main Views

  • Calendar (Home)

  • Contact

  • Message

  • Profile


New Meet Setup

  • Date

  • Time: coffee (15 minutes) or lunch (30 minutes)

  • Location

  • Advanced: shared interests and meet frequency (one time, once two weeks or weekly)


Meet Process

  • Before matching

  • Matched the person and the place (one night before)

  • In progress: check in and photo taking

  • Done: feedbacks and followups

  • Cancel




Team: UX/UI Design Lead
As UX/UI Designer in Buddy App team, led user experience, visual design and branding to build the app from the scratch. Collaborated with 3 developers and launched the app for both iOS and Android.

User Interviews

  • Interviewed 20 professionals and students in both California and New York
  • Analyzed their daily routine and the needs to expand their social connections
  • Created 3 main personas of Buddy app

Competitive Analysis

  • Compared potential competitors: social networks, online-offline group event, online chatting and dating apps 

User Flow

Defined four major user flows:
  • Log in and register
  • Ceate a new meet
  • Meet a new person using Buddy app
  • Manage user's profile, calendar, contact and messaging

Key Screen Sketch

  • Sketched key screens in user flows

Low-fidelity Wireframes

  • Created low-fidelity wireframes to address the key features in Buddy app
  • Tested user flows in low-fidelity wireframes

User Interface Design

  • Set up the branding and key UI template
  • Created the final app interface design

User Testing

User testing is involved in the whole design process
  • Low-fidelity wireframe stage: tested key features and user flows (internal testing)
  • High-fidelity wireframe stage: tested interaction and transition (internal and small external testing)
  • App beta: invited real users to test the first version (external testing)

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